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Embroidery Machine Operator Job Description:

An embroidery machine operator is an employee who works with garments, cloth materials, and an embroidery machine. They have specialized knowledge of how to operate embroidery machines and use that to create a variety of products. For example, someone in this position might be asked to sew company logos to uniforms or stitch something by-hand on a customer’s order. Ultimately, an embroidery machine operator may be asked to do any type of sewing task that a customer may have requested from the company that they work for.

Individuals in this role also spend some of their time on maintenance tasks. For example, they make sure that they have all of the supplies that are needed to carry out their sewing work. They also keep the machines that they work with maintained so that they’re able to work with them as efficiently as possible.

Embroidery Machine Operator Responsibilities:

Embroidery Machine Operator Requirements: